Oh world you are so much with me death bangs on so many doors the famous and our loved ones scarring us with their sucides we are assaulted by the men in office bought and sold and so self-deceived many believe they are righteous are we ourselves able to hear truth through the racing car … Continue reading

Sweeter Than Honey

for James Tipton who was the first headliner of Sparrows, Colorado’s Perfomance Poetry Festival who is already sorely missed. Even poetry has no words for this death your soul rising above the 14th floor where i sit sleepless in Denver your spirit has always risen beyond all borders now drenches my sorrow bones how you … Continue reading

OverMy Head

a creature said to fly close to God this bald black bird of prey or pray i’ve seen twice in that many days just soared over my head as clear as the sky but much closer something in me jumps up i notice everything for some seconds the cardinal red in the tree his mate’s … Continue reading

moses of my own soul

i went to Boston yesterday my wife loves the city the beauty of buildings crafted back when there was craft boats bounce on the water next to high rise hotels no one I know can afford cold wind as harsh as hell we spend $70.00 of the little we have left to survive here no … Continue reading

A Vision of Change

early evening of fall just barely chilly night holds all that will ever be held in place for me again as i am splattered across the milky way i want to sparkle like the star i traveled here from, want to light up the night sky with my splendid demise a small big bang a … Continue reading