A Vision of Change

early evening of fall just barely chilly night holds all that will ever be held in place for me again as i am splattered across the milky way i want to sparkle like the star i traveled here from, want to light up the night sky with my splendid demise a small big bang a … Continue reading

Crisis and Opportunity

bashed in computer criminal intent tears shed loss accepted the end of an era beginning of a new that will not be denied though there is a small group that hates my brother sending me one of his my son rigging the old and holding my hand on the new venture adventure there is a … Continue reading

Moving Back to Maine

guess it’s time to write anew poem about ending all the old life is priced with blue painting tape tags twenty-five cents dishes we ate on and the pans of the wrm way i used to cook, 2 dollars for the sheets we used to make love on, a dolla for the tender mercy of … Continue reading


i call my new biz buzz Just Connections it’s fair trade stuff from around the world so when the connections pop up for me here there and everywhere i am astounded at the red threads that link me to everything in the Universe what I see is golden light made of nothing but love though … Continue reading