Got a Bum Knee

got a bum knee feels like the culture of this land unhealed deepest agony an  unexplained injury who knew there was this much torn cartilage collected by those who served this country to get their families out of poverty who knew there was so much pain in the inferiority of those less educated with less opportunity le$$$$$$$$ … Continue reading


are you ready? bone tired of the pointed finger? looking out from a whitewashed sepulchre would we like real change, really? the answer is REPENT meaning according to Webster to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one’s life here there is not talk of someone else to blame sin: a vitiated state of … Continue reading

KISSES i sit alone not penniless imagining our community the universe whose citizen i am born here now to this time still here and viable i hold my hands up open and giving i take my stand without o doubt about love how hard she like rock and tree sand and soft wood i burn … Continue reading