4 The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery

everyone but the government

and a few experts know we are

not recovering anything that may

have been lost and maybe they’re the

only ones who want it back the back-

breaking toil of hundreds of worker bees

maybe we like unemployment except for

losing our houses maybe we like losing those

mortgages, isn’t mort-French for dead-gages of

our lives used up for nothing  we might love doing

what we love, living simply again, a small plot of

land with fruit and veggies, walking to the store makes us

feel great a lot better than paying to sweat at the gym

running like guinea pigs in a cage because we ride everywhere

in our cars  perhaps we could enjoy

living lightly on the earth, the communion of each other

maybe we’d like to discover our community of trees and

animals and friends instead of recovering those financial

sins carrying some greed-imposed burden back on our backs

maybe there’s another path, a road to love instead of recovery

2 thoughts on “4 The Road to Recovery

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