5 On the Edge of Hollywood

On the Edge of Hollywood

trees are planted four

new fruit bearing wonders

a southern California hassle

as everything here is no one

actually does real and simple

work you’d think maybe Mexican

gardeners, most gardeners are Mexican

might be simple workers, but they have

formed into California made small businesses

that feed from the bottom and act like the top

molded by the numb ways of those who sit

in traffic everyday or if they’re poor wait for busses

never getting much of a glimpse of our mother

though she is here is such glory sometimes it makes

me cry living here in wealth and poverty

i wonder what it would have been like

to come here half dead from the trip over her mountains

and see this garden of Eden laden with fruit and warmth

her ocean sending sustenance over inland dry miles to keep

things moist and growing, her Chumash children living abundantly

from the waters and the land what a place to live and move and have

your being still the Hollywood promised land where homeless people

act on street corners tired and dirty hoping still through a fog of alcohol

hoping for the next audition when life here used to be carefree and abundant.

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