9 Road Trip

i bend my bones toward poetry

the car is clean and almost ready

to pack a road trip back “home”

maybe just back om don’t really know

where home is toothbrushes in the

bag baby sleeping waiting for his daddy

to come home and guard him while we’re

gone the white picket fence is half painted

the glory days have passed for me but hell bent

on sticking it out, i’m still here loving the hell out

of something at least one thing most days

Colorado here we come Las Vegas treat us kindly

as we pass full moon your light is right this night

we’ll find you whole and grandmotherly its a million

miles before we sleep but we can rest in later years when these old

bones refuse this urge to hit the road and ride the rail of moonlight one more time


One thought on “9 Road Trip

  1. and oh it is so wonderful to have you here at om. bring your beautiful bones here anytime. anytime. loving the hell out of you, rosemerry


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