22–All Day I Pray

all day i pray for light

impatient with the state of

things i go down for a deep dive

hold my breath and continue

to come awake the days of this

cosmic death are numbered maybe

winter has it’s place the rules may

not be the same here, but i have

walked so far in shoes of very earthy

origin have ridden star tails and told

tall tales sold my birthright for a bowl

of soup when it got too lonely to bear

the dream to watch from such a lucid

place seeing  is costly but not nearly

as expensive as never wakin up

this way we live has no substance

it’s not that it was so much better in

the old days it’s just that now there is

no passion left, no soft skin of desire

alive in the universe, only the empty

wish for some thing to fill the space

made by Creator for soul connection

and so I pray all night and day

pray as a revolutionary act do the

hoochy coochy and I turn myself about.

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