23 Exit 7

all night i dream of missing
the exit 7 pushing a baby in
his stroller i go backwards
humm at 62 my life consists
of caring for a one year old
and his 7 year old brother
holidays and week-ends
sweet boys their needs extreme
not like some species who
fend for themselves almost
at birth forever
they are our children and
we wish it to be so but still
that pull sometimes is a chain too
does it keep us from our place
in the world does it work to
distract us from our larger calling
or is it actually our deepest calling
it’s pretty obvious women are
needed to transform
this larger nest so i sit here
writing poetry for nothing
more than to seed the world
with words and ideas
and Sammy boy keeps me
close to the heart of the cosmos
keeps my feet and butt on the ground
of my being when  i dream of missing exit 7
i wonder if my life path has not yet been passed
numerology says # 8 is my place
still farther to go, back on the road with
our boys all our grands the girls the boys
of this world keeping us on our right path
inspite of some inborn need i have to exit

Sammy and Big Brother Ben

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