39-4 Dreams and Counting

Last night the 4th in a series

in answer to my life questions

this time it took me ages

just to figure out what to ask

knowing the answers would come

in good time all time being good

i presume although some say time

is an illusion i say its more of a river

that i float in sometimes

State of the Universe according to Jude’s dreams

Dec. 12-15, 2009.

1. We are suffering from a permanent anxiety attack.

2. What we fear is each other and abandonment by the “Great Father”.

3. The correct response is disruptive joy and beauty.

4. The path will be found locally during this time of re-construction, but will lead to the same “airport”, or means transportation to another place. The normal paths will be totally blocked and lead nowhere. Heast St. was the name of the street that went there in my dream. I’m thinking of becoming a publishing tycoon but

I have no plans or conclusions yet

I’m working on it and expecting #5.


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