46-5 More Shopping Days Till Christmas

there is a long darkness that

hangs over L.A. on this winter

day of almost 80 degree temps.

outside in the streets the mean

machine has taken over,

taken control of

most of the drivers who honk

and flail middle fingers and yell

obscenities out their windows

over the loud beat of the boom

in their large pick-up trucks and

SUVs makes you love Christmas

ha ha ha, ho ho ho there is anger in the air

a celebration of duty of buying things

a loss of love so devastating it makes

me wonder if this human race can survive

this particularly horrible invention

my reverie interrupted by the radio

singing “I’ll have a Blue Christmas

Without You,” making me wonder

if there really are good old memories

of this somewhere and reminding me

of my lover sleeping beside me most

every night Elvis maybe you’ve got

something there, a reminder of what

the world and each day, even Dec. 19th

is made of–Love you know, Love maybe

as the great Julian of Norwich said

All is Well, All is Well, All is Well.


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