49–Dream #5

we creep toward Christmas

the streets stir with urgency

and impatience my dreams

have me selling someone else’s

dreams and then my friends and I

who are selling together hatch the

idea of getting people to sell

our budding creation

the dream soars

our business overshadows the

exclusive one we were selling

i say to patrons

coming to our restaurant

you pay for your food and

the rest is complimentary,

the skating, the bread baking

for exercise…. and then i watch

a hostess tell them that one of

our activities is only $50 not $100

and i am appalled and see that i don’t

believe in what we are doing serving only

those who have money

scene changes to

saying good-bye  one of the partners

who is new is telling me where

my long-time friend, Heather is

and how to get addresses for all

the others because i can’t give

myself to such a frivolous

business and i wake wondering

feeling used up the kids noisy

in the living room

me in here where i have been

allowed to sleep past 6

is this dream number 5 that i

was waiting for? or did it

drown the message? maybe before

Christmas this new child

of my heart will be born again

hopefully i will recognize her

Dream #6?

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