Seeking Comfort I Look in the Cupboard

I recognized you in the tea this morning,

the twining of black leaves and dried blue petals.

I do not recall what the name of the tea is,

it has been in this cupboard so long, forgotten

in its small clear bag until this morning

when the leaves, like small gnarled hands,

waved to me like you did, was it really so long ago,

or was it just yesterday we became lovers,

oh my love, have we learned—is it always the hard way?—

that to release takes immersion, the scorch of hot water,

that before we can unfurl, we must clench,

that bitter and sweet dance together for a reason—

I can taste it in this cup, this strange ceremony

of steeping, a comforting darkness, the efflorescence of loss.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Comfort I Look in the Cupboard

  1. thank you dear judefull for the wishes. and oh how i do wish you the same.

    and this: i learn this other part of love

    this utter trust in the goodness

    of a gorgeous universe, oh oh oh!


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