And Did You Feel It in Your Heart, How It Pertained to Everything?*

Awakening is not a single event in time. Rather it is a continuous event through time. Basho wrote: Let me be called a traveler. He did not mention any destination. Just a traveler.

— Joan Halifax

Were you in it, too, the snow today, did you see

how it swathed every edge of the field with white silk?

No, it was softer than that to begin. More like kisses,

how many thousands of kisses adrift with no care

whether they lit in willow branches, on the river,

in our hair. Anywhere was as worthy as anywhere else.

And then fanfare of wind, a bedlam of gusts.

Did you see how the field rearranged itself?

An upswirl of snowflakes, a newness of drift.

The light changed its mind with every instant.

And did you feel it, too? Feel both riotous and still,

both filled and emptied at once? At odds, no wonder we falter,

we fall. But did you feel how fine it was to move forward,

regardless how graceless, how slow? How everything

revolved around our gratitude to travel in the snow?

* line from Mary Oliver, The Swan


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