140–Did I come from the stars?

how to understand my place
here did i come from the stars
is that why i’m such a stranger
here never finding my tribe
always looking for home
though i should be living there
is my species a tree to which
i relate more easily than
most humans or a stream
flooding my soul along to
freedom and god the power
of positive thinking
let’s see if this works
am i riding a magic
carpet or just living
without mystery just
loving my lot owning
nothing really,  just
living in my body

139–Health Care?

health care is a killer
biggest killer of any
in our system kill care
i call it a needle in a
hospital costs $800
and although we don’t
want to re-use them
i guess although we
used to sterilize them
in a autoclave now we
toss them in the ocean
making a trash bin of
god’s bath tub there’s
something wonderful
about our gorgeous
bodies healing themselves
with care, food and love
instead of knives drugs and doctors
what’s the answer well
my lover is a healing agent
through prayer
what do you think?

138–Our Earth is Quaking

how tough to live like this watching cracks in our beloved earth
is it fear rage love? what makes her shake like this moving in waves
under foot we live on her cool surface covering up a fiery core
are we cracking open loosing our footing splitting into pieces
or maybe the only damage is to the pesky pimples we grow
on her skin our roads and houses high rises and hotels
railroads and airports maybe that’s the only thing we
risk except our lives and what are we on this planet
less than what we could be maybe a partner in creation
a compassionate species with a deep love and appreciation
for this mother who tolerates instead our greedy carelessness
until maybe she can’t stop quaking in fear or anger or sorrow  

137–Oh God How She Loves You

she loves me i’m sure
it’s taken some time
some leavings
a whole lot of acting out
those times we bruised the
delicate child in each other
those times we came back
learned new ways of peace
though we were old and road
weary though i always knew
we were meant forever but
we all good now girl
though we may shout
and scream now and then
all we mean is my little
girl got her toes stepped
on but oh god how she loves you


my poet friend writes of fear of dying
or is it just that anxiety you get when
you’re about to embark on a strange
journey completely alone your lover
remaining on her side of the bed and
you floating maybe wandering universes
adventures are hard to love before
you get there and with no one to
share it with you may cringe at being so alone
a peace may enfold
you and then that hug that is not
only your lovers but as big as
the ring of Jupiter’s orbit you
let go again as in nightly sleep
but this time you know you will
not wake up in your familiar bed
will not spoon the warm body
of your familiar but in that last
moment you need no spoon
every longing calling you
out beyond all borders to home