Have You Tried This?

An easy technique to use in times of confusion is simply to look up at the blue sky. Tantric blue is used to symbolize non-duality, freedom from conceptuality.
—Lama Thubten Yeshe, from Introduction to Tantra: The Transformation of Desire

Every day I lose a little more.
Here. There. In the library,
a pen. In the store, my list.

On the street bench, my glasses,
my footprints, my thought
as to what comes next.

Hair slips down the shower drain.
Seven year plans stray into the snow field
and lose their way.

Tears evaporate into the sun.
Tatters of dream flags are waylaid
in down pillows. Whole chunks

of my love traipse away. Giant
chainlinks of time disappear. No trace.
And all that sky rushes in

to fill in the corners where I was.
Sometimes I laugh for the sheer
blue of it. Guzzle blue. Gulp blue.

Swig great droughts of blue
and in those moments, I see
how I might lose it all

for good.


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