Continuing the Conversation

How difficult it is to live in this world of people. Yet, there is no place where we can escape.
— Soseki Natsume

Let’s pretend, my love, I don’t have eyes.
Tell me what’s at play in the sky—
serve me every blush of blue, every
shade of near rain, every twilight hue.
I am hungry today for news of white.

Bathe me in words describing the milk
that pours from the moon into night.
I can feel its cool silk on my bare inner wrist.
Touch me like that, more shine than kiss
More radiance than flesh.

Tell me no lies about death.
Tell me what’s been unthought.
Strip me to my sparest self—
nearly transparent. I want to become
a vessel for sky, vast enough

that you might fly inside
with infinite space for your wings.
I want to hear of impossible things
and believe them. Tell them to me.
Perhaps afterward we could be the same.

But we won’t be.


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