125–Antidote for Adulthood

my dreams say i’m not nurturing

my little girl so i wonder how to

do that now in this place in a new

way my small boy child

always appears when i’m working

on a new writing project he’s here

too, his usual dark self

this novel has been a long process

again this time more flow, but no

utter resolution yet no publishing

involved in any of my work yet

i’m getting old to be waiting

so i look for something to nourish

these children of me they see more

than i can from this too adult place

they are the creators of my ideas

what shall i feed them?

a day of the beach?

a few hours of doing nothing?

some new adventure might

be more appropriate to their

age, a new word on my lips

the sight of my own reflection

in your mirror something cold

and sweet on my tongue?

we’ll have to experiment to

find the perfect antidote for

the poison of too much adulthood


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