145–Jet Lagged

everything feels tired
new plants begging for
worm castings old poems
wishing for some swish
of revised words to pick
them up and blow them
into tomorrow my body
jet lagged from the 3 hour
difference between Maine
and California a long way
to fly and get up and cook
for company the next day
when all my body wants
is to sit on the couch and
pretend to sleep through
all the happenings in the
house that i left 12 days
ago nothing has changed
or taken a break there is
only the daily demand
grinds and the hush of
morning coming too early
because night was late
at 8 P.M. my sister fast
asleep in Maine at 11:oo
the same minute i am writing
these line beginning to
doze how will i remain
conscious if all i do is
fall asleep at the wheel
tomorrow i’ll be one day
closer to acclimation one
day nearer to rested

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