Easter Sunday, I give thanks

This morning the plastic Easter eggs
were strewn across the room with not
much aim to hide. They rather wanted
to be found by the one-year-old girl,
who was just learning about the way
that treasures come, unexpected and
sometimes right in front of us. We think
we need to dig, to strive, to furrow deeper
till we find something more esoteric
and divined than what appears. What is
is what I want. I tell myself, I want the gift
in front of me—the one in plain view with no
big pretense, no hullabaloo. Perhaps
for instance, something filled up with sky—
that familiar scenery so brimming with miracle.
There is no way to say this. We must feel
with the entire body the joy of choosing
the moment, choosing to praise it,to see it
as it is, right in front of us, no more, no less.
So wonder-full. So full of yes.


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