183–Where I Belong

i read and read the way of passion
close the book and find i’m not even
half way through, act in ways that
would embarass drunkards
thing that this time i have found
some way to stay away from
hatred and judgement fall down
the long hole of hate let anger
simmer on my back burner till
all my actions are contaminated
is this the training in love i thought
i was asking for, like a flounder
caught on your divine hook, i flounder
pick up the book and exhaust myself
with running, bleeding and dying
screaming and blaming everyone in sight
i flop down on the floor of your palace
hoping to catch a glimpse of why
i was born while death stares me
down and takes all my money and my clothes
and leaves me in your hands naked and gasping for breath
i’m wondering..maybe i belong in your ocean

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