185–Jesus Christ!

i’m kind of sick and tired of
the Jesus! curse word
why people don’t say Moses
or Rumi or Mohamed i don’t
know or if they do say those
names they are calling out
not damning i did grew up
with a deep reverence for Jesus
now it’s more like the deep
respect i have for the lovers
of this world who stand out
over time and bring messages
that fly in the face of all the
crap we believe about GOD
i wonder why so few people
respect such an amazing
message, maybe because
like all the other religions
formed around names
Christianity has disgraced itself
why don’t we just use
Christianity as a curse word
or Islam or Hindu or Judaism
or Sufi, why is it we single
out Jesus Christ? maybe
we are just calling for something better
like the other favorite, F—- You!
which i usually see as someone
pronouncing a blessing since
making love has usually been
a great experience for me
so i’ll leave this poem with my own curse
word, blessing, call out—Rumi!
or Rabia! or Hafiz!

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