195–Human Something

the losses all come back when
something simple goes away
sorrow is such a human something
the longing for Silvana’s Italian accent
in my ear as she kisses the air next to my face
for Annette’s stories of passion and love beyond
anyone’s boundaries for Robert’s silly grin and
encouraging letters–days spent laying naked in
the mountains on a rock with hawks singing above me
small birds landing beside me to bathe in the light of our
journey together in the wildness that feels like god
brazilian nights of young serenades, moonlit beaches
morning breakfasts cooked by the water
this begins to feel like foundation instead of loss
maybe the soil i’m planted in so instead of a dirge
maybe a prayer of gratitude a taste of water and nectar
on the tongue of my aware i’ll dress in these odd garments
i have been given and give thanks

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