197–May Day

its may day and i’m here in southern
california may be calling for help
may be not days left of tolerable
outdoor play are few before the heat
the dry burn of summer here in the valley
i await my fate feel the welling up of
a new day turn 63 this month and wonder
what that means i’m not pondering so
much as doing one thing after another
stepping out so to speak reaching for
stars old home week you know we
came from the stars i don’t want to forget
those important details in the trivial
pursuit of where i am
take a rain check today check into
the alternative life drive away into
the mountains away from the crowds
do a little house cleaning away from home
gather my kin in the house of prayer
that has no walls hold my heart open
to you in my lover the stranger the squirrel
who chaps my ass the small boys who are
grand to me the cool day to speak of god

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