If Only Dr. Pert Had Asked, I Could Have Told Her

Intelligence is located not only in the brain but in cells that are distributed throughout the body, and the traditional separation of mental processes, including emotions, from the body is no longer valid.
— Candace B. Pert, PhD, Research Professor in Physiology and Biophysics

Of course the lips remember.
But there are other cells
that hold onto the pleasure
of you and I making love.
Science says so. “Your body
is your subconscious mind,”
asserts Dr. Candace B. Pert,
neuroscientist and researcher,
who studies such things.
Not kissing, per se, but
remembering. Her inquiry:
where in the body
are emotional memories stored?
My inquiry: Where are they not?
Here where you’ve touched me
so lightly, so tender, so soft,
and here where you have not yet
touched me enough, and here
in the organs where bliss resonates,
and here in the bones where
joy saturates the living marrow.
That is not to say there has
not been sorrow. Plenty of tears
between kisses my dear.
All is not easy. Nor fine.
And the body, I am sure,
remembers it all in its cells
where the memories wait
for release. Preferably the best ones
will come more often. Preferably when
I am stressed, for instance, while driving
in too much traffic, out the corner of my eye
I’ll notice something in the way the blue heron flies
along the waterway that will trigger
the feeling I felt this morning,
a feeling stored perhaps in my spleen—
this feeling of wanting more kisses
on my earlobes, my neck, my
insatiable lips, my elbow,
my scapula, yes, the mind might slip,
but the body never forgets.


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