208–What is this?

what is this sleeplessness that has
me hopelessly caught in her wings
so often one worry thought of a suffering
grandchild or son a fear for the world
a less than spirit sung lullaby when
i lay me down to sleep the whisper
of “maybe you aren’t really all
your cracked up to be,” as i fall
through the crack of consciousness
something wakes me and the bliss
of unconsciousness is over so
i’m sitting here at the competer
writing this poem instead of being
in bed sleeping

One thought on “208–What is this?

  1. I’ve stumbled here at a quarter to five, directed by wordpress’s correlation between my last and this post. I know the feeling of insomnia too well. Expressed so cleanly here. Here’s hoping that you’re in blissful sleep as I write this, and I shall be there soon.


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