226–Ancient Impatience

i thought to get patient with
age that virtue never coming
naturally to me but as time flies
the im in patience continues
with me at least in some areas
seems like i don’t care a hoot
about career or fame but
the state of things gets my
hair standing on end
how children are abused
into beings who don’t know
how to work or play
without leisure to see
themselves in the mirror
while they dance and parents
pile things up in the basement
chocking on the things they
buy at garage sales and sell
again and pile up food and drugs
and loose their health and hair
to pay for all of it and wonder
why their children are full of
rage instead of wonder and wonder
how they lost the capacity to
be peaceful and happy burried
in buildings, comuters and schedules
when just a solid roof, some homegrown
veggies and enough for an occasional
road trip would keep everyone sane
and out of the mortgage business
the word mortgage starts with mort
french for death i think impatiently

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