the mid drift swells with age
and misuse each morsel i put
on my tongue requires muscle
testing the back aches in the
morning and sometimes i feel
so tired so what’s really new
is getting old i somehow knew
it would be tough but i also knew
i’d be fine thinking i was tougher
than most this lesserness is new!


That’s what they say about relationships,
said my friend. They are like sandpaper,

wearing us down to expose the core.
There have been other times when I would

have argued with her, referring to the velvet
of communion, the thin silks of unfolding,

the limbs melting, self melting, fear melting,
the layered weaving of breath and breath,

and feeling the rub, all I could say was yes.

Sometimes the Thinnest Places

The Celts spoke of “thin places,” places like caves or wells or other special sites where the boundary between the mundane and magical was permeable. … a “place” where we can discover that there is fundamentally no separation between ourselves and others, that what we seek is always so close, always right here.

Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, An Introduction to Zen (Tricycle, Spring 2009)

are where we least expect, perhaps
next to the meat counter

when your daughter is shrieking
because your son leans too close to her in the cart

and the woman in the blood-stained apron
leans across the glass, smiles, hands you

a hunk of roasted turkey breast
and says, “Here, honey, I think it will help.”

252–Of Money and Work

i was waiting for answers again
until i read my conversations with
grandmother moon in 2006, 2007
etc. where i was asking the same
questions and getting the same
gorgeous answers she said, “MONEY
is just a small manifestation that
took on the importance of god
in a lie that’s believed all over
the world!”she continued
“you’re not meant to be a great
thinker, you’re a great lover.”
imagine that and she did tell
me to forget about this job
stuff and just do my work
so here i am writing poem


did you feel me in the wind?
i was there as i am here in you
this bee survives while his tribe
is dying and i am in him
this small boy is so beautiful
he opens hard hearts making
flowers bloom in the dessert
i am in him everywhere
always everywhere so i
cannot speak evil of myself
for i would curse your beautiful
creation everywhere we
do not need to hold hands
our atoms already dance together