235–What to do

what to do with all the negative
that lives here how my grand girl
is drugged and angry how her father
gives himself to needy women who
he can’t really help how my brother
is an abuser preying on young women
who fall for his handsome face and lose
everything maybe it’s that we are here
to learn not to enjoy or maybe worse
we think that’s why we’re here so
continue to abuse ourselves and others
or maybe there is no great purpose to
this sojourn except to remember love
and fall for it like a lamb going to slaughter
only maybe there is no slaughter intended
maybe just an ocean of love to drop into
to disappear and be reborn as the sea

One thought on “235–What to do

  1. what to do is right. oh jude, these questions the same questions i am asking …

    and the answer seems to be in the most recent poem about the woman who loved too much. ha ha


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