249–The Hum of It

it wasn’t such a great day
the grief coming again
grandmother in her fullmooness
overwhelmed my desire to be
good and so again my tears fell
making me wish i were somewhere
else so i drove alone to the
library and tired to remember
what  i miss
1. leisurely chatter with a few great friends
2. music in all forms, loud singing and great CD’s always playing
3. teaching something, i learn so much that way
4. solitude, alone where i can see and hear no other human
since i’m not a victim i’ll be
working on recreating these
missed numbers that are not
the sum of my life but the hum of it

One thought on “249–The Hum of It

  1. sweet judeful, i had missed this poem. you are always my teacher. just today i found a quote from you about tearing down the walls myself, because they are coming down anyway and wouldn’t it be better to tear them down myself than be caught in the rubble with my pants down. Amen. Awomen. Ahuman. Alove

    You who teach me through poems, through leisurely conversation. And so it is i find myself in Carbondale a year later after you talked me through leading a workshop with men in recovery, and here I am on the eve of doing it again, this time feeling much easier with it all–in fact, looking forward to it, and trying not to expect anything. Doing a workshop on walls, as it is … thinking so much about walls lately. Obsessed with walls, where i bump into them, where i can not see what is on the other side, can not know what I do not know. Sweet hum of a poet … i love you


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