growing food has taken
over my radar lately, not
as the great pleasure it often
is in my life, but as an urgent
cry a need so large my eyes
burn trying to see into this
soon to be upon us future
i view rocket stoves
carbon fertlizer
look for a place to put
chickens in the backyard
but it feels just self centered
even when i teach it to
my suburban neighbors
or join the time bank
or hope for the abundance
that will come from several
years of learning this land
i grow and cook for this
extended family but what
this endless activity disguises
is a deep need i have to dance
my part as Gaia’s crone
listening for my lines
looking into her eyes
feeling the lizards and snakes
who inhabit this land
knowing that we are not
living any answers
we are pure and simply
living though the climate
is changing, the world is
turning chunks of ice are
breaking we are here all
of us together one soul
feeling our way into the next
moment sometimes even
feeling the unfoldment of
forever in our open blended arms

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