sometimes nothing is as it seems
people to me are about as hard to
figure as placing the planets in space
land trees gophers and butterflies
a bit more predictable i argue
most with the one i adore the most
go figure! the older i get the more
cantankerous i thought that was
just for those other folks who were
already headed that way in their youth
not so i see from this elder spot
i’ve always been a bit blatant
its true but these last few years
have developed a nasty streak
i’d like to curtail but this tail
is hard to get rid of like books
full of old photographs sometime
you think what do i want these
for, but you never throw them away
humans are annoying me
and the stupidity of those who
lead us gives me a pain in my knee
the size of things blows me out
the door although i love how
crazy different we are how
love comes through us no matter
how our tales betray us
what luck to be human in 2010

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