297–Now I Lay Me Down Again

i wander into our bedroom bed is made
the rest in disarray i lay me down to sleep
but sleep won’t come the night is cold
no angels sing to me alone here in my sorrow
this is the worst this grief that has no reason
no relief i wander in fields of unknowing
wake in the morning to wonder keep my
eyes closed to see a glimpse of you from
within the prison of this small room
who is this person who walks
in my new tennis with no idea where she’s going
or who her guiding light might be
where is the table you prepare for me
in the presence of my enemies ?
who reside in my house and my skin
i never could just let things go now i’m
not better at it only worse i closemymouth
but when it opens by itself it spews a
mouthful of bitter herbs again i closemymouth
out comes such anger i build a fire of brimstone
here take away this closemymouth and let
me live again turn me from old sick char
to living flesh again meet me here and
take this dragon out to rest in green pastures
i want only love my peace is gone disturbed
by long times when i closemymouth
i speak into the wind alone somewhere
riding in my car the only place in this over
populated madhouse i yell for help disclose
my shame take off my clothes and burn
each piece an offering to some god of char
and ask only for a robe of love let honey power
turn this closemymouth to grace and gratitude
now i lay me down again with open mouth to finally  fall sleep

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