303-Addressing the State of Affairs

i address the empty room
there are so many possibilities
i begin, we could just power down
get tribal again and dance a lot
the crowd smiles condescendingly
so i go on or we could let go of greed
and attach ourselves to the Beloved
in each other give ourselves and our
goods away leaving no need for all
that energy to protect our possessions
again i see the rolling eyes hear the
impatient sighs so i change tactics
or….you could get rich by just opening’
your mind to think in terms of physics
really see how everything holds so much
joy and abundance that we could pool
our resources and start companies that
would save the world
just before i said save the world i noticed
a few people sitting up and listening but
i lost them with that line so now i know i have
to come up with something fabulous or
it’s over so i close my mouth, walk outside
take the hand of that gorgeous pomegranate
tree that is gloriously growing in the front
yard and begin to dance and sing and that’s
the only time anyone joins in

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