Rumi Goes to Kindergarten

And when Miss Lackey says, “Children,
this is so sad, someone
left the lid off of the marker,

and we know how valuable they are,”
Rumi raises his hand and says,
“September is a time for death,

do you think death is a bad thing?”
And Miss Lackey tips her head
in an inquisitive way, as she does,

and then kneels down close to him.
“Did you do it?” Miss Lackey asks Rumi.
“Did you leave the lid off the black pen?”

He smiles. “Your task is not to seek
for who has done what, rather to find
all the walls you have built around the way

you think things should be.”
Miss Lackey gives him a lopsided smile.
“Rumi, do you mean me?”

She sends the rest of the kids to recess.
Meanwhile Rumi sits in his chair.
“You’re a funny one Rumi,”

Miss Lackey says. “I’m a fool,”
he says, jumps on the table
and starts to spin. “Five more minutes,”

says Miss Lackey. And Rumi grins.

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