332–Of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanos and Love

for Wibowo on-line friend from Indonesia
tonight i’m listening deeper
is it lament or screeching sadness
the open door of human pain
earth speaking her distress
we her she we i lean into this
whole and find a circle of fire
mother connection is not severed
changes we don’t want are causing
havoc we are this trembling earth
our arms are broken in places
so vulnerable this experiment of
human race our sisters
brothers buried in angry rubble
are you here? what light what night?
your kiss is all we long for all we need
in the darkness sacred longing
keep us circled in love speak
into my heart though anger
lights this fire she is passion
asking only love in action
here’s my hand

331–Fine Art

when is it that truth doesn’t set you free?
should you know what’s wrong before
you get healing? i sing this song to myself
sometimes i wonder if some gene in me
just has to know the truth but above all
is love so i hear this song too how do love
and truth mix in the same batter?
if i’m bound for glory on this train
as the old song says then
i’d like to be trained in the fine art
of speaking the truth in love

330–Chain Breaking

it’s a curse i tell you knowing
what no one wants to hear
i smooth my tongue out
brush off the sandpaper
texture take some honey
and place it over the words
that come from my third eye
and knowing heart i don’t know
how to get this word out
without the burn of truth
something i have learned to love
that firey unwanted power
that breaks every ball and chain
burns through the rope i have
tied to my ankles and warms
me burning my furniture and my clothes

329–Another Book Another Dream

i read another book that vows to save us
imagine us growing mushrooms in the backyard
think i’ll do something so wonderful everyone
will dance and sing a new song forgetting
that most everything i say or write is forgotten
before i take a new breath always i search
the landscape listening looking for god
seeking the path that will keep destruction
at bay or bring god into conscious vision
she is laughing at me again waking me up
with silly dreams but i scheme just the same
i’ll start a business that will be such a gift
i lay back down and dream of losing a
small baby who is only laying sleeping
under his blanket