311–A Prayer for Us

from every side we discover how cruel we
have been to each other–a most common
story we tell is crucifying one who came
to save us i mean injecting the poor and
helpless with diseases so horrible we barely
speak their names, tearing apart those whose
discoveries might save our world we are the
nazis the hitlers the european conquerers
we are the neros the pompous gods of war

are we more than that are we also
made of love do we have some redeeming
quality a way of acting that justifies our
being here perhaps in how we see this bliss
of createdness could we celebrate the moon
or give praise for small flowers gracious
souls sometimes astound us with compassion
let us dwell on ghandi, martin and those female
saints like Theresa, Rabia and Hildegard not
perfect any of them but worth mentioning i’d say

in the hollow of empty dreams–how to kiss
in the open casket of our departing way of life–how to live
in the broken cities of our wasted history–how to dance
these will be the hero journeys of our coming history
let us leave the guns in the fields/ turn them into sculptures
let victory crowns be placed on the heads of our beloved
children for being born now
let our voices be the choir of being here now to face each day
our arms embracing our eyes wide open our loving so vast
only our collective open bodies can hold it. AMEN

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