315–Winter Planting

i erased the other 315 found it too negative
but in writing it i was freed for something
fertilized by its muck and manure
daily i pray i find a place to feed the famished
feed myself a little daily live my now no
other place exists though i cry out for it
too often the new plants that can stay
here in Southern California have risen
a miracle to a woman who spent all her
growing years in northern latitudes
peas pop and ask for support tiny
spinach seeds spread their wings
flying from their dirt homes and lettuce
round and tiny like human babies
i expect them to gurgle and coo
our life is changing here fast every
small comfort now assaulted what
did i expect after living in this ever
changing cosmos for more than sixty years
i sprout again and spread my spinach wings
take flight only from the dirt in which i
buried myself for this rebirth and understand
that this second harvest though new to me
is more abundance than i have ever known

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