317–Running Companion

for Rosemerry
my poet running companion says
she tucks the things she wants to
talk about into beautiful covers
she has that look of attractive
aura all as beautiful as is required
what i love about her is something
else how sometimes she breaks
open and the green goo oozes
down her chin mingles with tears
and words uncensored that break
open places in me crusted over
and hardened so that i can breathe
and live again full blown oozing
that love that is rarely pretty

2 thoughts on “317–Running Companion

  1. oh judefull, you are so wonderful. yes to the breaking. i laugh that i didn’t even see what i had written. of course i am always trying to make it beautiful. how i have to laugh at that. and how grateful i am for your lenses, and for your willingness to love me the me beneath the words, the broken and oozing me,

    i love you, poet


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