328–All That I Am

all day i do this woman work of
cook and clean and rock the baby
all night i nightmare of kidnappings
and killings in between on stolen
time i read of how i could help save
the world if i had not been taught
by good religion and misogynist
fathers to be content to ass wipe
and bury talent this is the source
i’m sure of all this discontent i rent
a room with my life blood shoot
myself in the foot to gain daily
bread it is part of the most famous
Christian prayer give us this day
our daily bread as if we shouldn’t
be required to go out and earn it
at the price of sell the souls we
were born with but this is such
arrogant thinking i’m too old to
wait and see if martyrdom is the
path to nirvana i just want to be
fully here as all that i am

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