338–Overlapping Souls

We live in a world of overlapping mental fields, which is not just so-called objective material reality, but encompassed by innumerable minds or psyches, including those of animals.  Rupert Sheldrake, “Natural Grace.”

yesterday’s decision…

quit trying to be good

last night’s dream…

a world of light

already perfect hovering

above the illusion of

my physical body

prayer turned to

simple acknowledgment

of all this abundance

aftermath of seeing

the movie Hereafter

watched and munched

over wine and coffee

with friends sharing

souls that go so far

beyond the boundaries

of collective perception

the trees singing to me

this morning plant divas

discussing this woman

who constantly begs them

to prosper laughing at

my intense efforts to make

something happen that

dances it’s being effortlessly

already conscious of what

humans spend their lifetimes

wishing to know


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