339–Wondering If You Would

i was wondering if you would
speak to me sweet devas of the
land i’ve been deaf for awhile
now though there was a time
i listened to trees and animals
now i’ve grown old and accustomed
to the ways of love i’d like to know
you better participate in this
reality we call spirit wondering
if you would be so kind as to teach
me your ways we’ve got a good
crisis going here and i know from
studying about your ways that
you’ve got this kind of thing
down like you’ve been through
so many i’m sure you can teach
me to at least be more flexible
change grow glow find the
light you live in i’m saying this
as one who has adored you kindof
though i know there are tresspasses
in my past still i have loved what i
could feel so if you could let me in
on some of those ways of love of yours
i’d be mighty grateful and i think
eventually it would be a mutally
beneficial relationship some how
i was just wondering if you would

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