Another Inside

Unity—it is a simultaneous oneness and two-ness.
—Joi Sharp

I know I have tried. With rings,
with vows, with naked flesh,

with poetry, with touch. I have
tried to narrow the gaps between

us, as if one is a holier number
than two. As if we might disappear

ourselves and become something more
than you and me. Something vaster. Something

wiser. Something infinitely more
pleasurable. And. Here I am. There

you are. We are two. There is no way
to make the space go away. But today,

I knew, (and surely I’ve known this before?)
a deep shudder of awe for what multiplies

in the opening between us … devotion, surely.
And mystery. And the thrill in trying again and

again to draw (as we do, my love) closer closer closer.


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