345–How is It?

how is it that some nights it all boils
down to an early childhood wound
that your lover recognizes the grasping
fear of abandonment that makes you
reach for her leg when she moves and
wail like a baby at the feeling she might
leave you when in fact all the fear is
about a small child caught inside your
bones the light gone out of her Universe
from her parents walking away and
leaving her in a stranger’s house
never to return at least not for so
long it doesn’t matter any
more how is it that all the resentments
of an adult life can rest in the lap
of an infant starved for safety
this new day asks so many questions
that were stifled before she knew
the kind of freedom a wolf gets from
knawing it’s paw off to escape a trap
and then she thinks perhaps it wasn’t
the freedom at all that took her hand off
but the fear that chewed at the assurance
that she was loved

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