351–Ain’t Gonna Study War

i’m small here and yet humans are larger than many
of the inhabitants of this planet who cause all of us to
continue i praise the bacteria that give me food and let
me live the sea that pulls me toward the light as my feet
slip toward darkness i praise you in the starlight that has
been running toward us breathlessly for milenia  even
billions of years yet has not reached the level of the debt
of one nation who fakes its place under god walking on
the backs of its millions of poor its poets and lovers
even children don’t survive as lovers in our schools
they must mimic the proud men who lead us into
war to survive in this market place of loneliness
where i children go for babysitting so many
hours in each day while we their parents and grands
stay stale and uncultivated in long lines of cursed
buildings and greedy bastards’ slave ships long
marooned from the sea and the sky that brought
them life what a horror we are and what hopeless
lovers if left with time to feel our place in this
swirling Universe making spiral designs in the
heavens and in our DNA what sweet dreaming
possibilities we are poets and healers dancers
and lovers can we find ourselves under this
cloud of commercial madness i’m calling out
from here even playing my flute like the pied
piper meet you down by the river side.

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