a long day is when it’s time to move back
to a place I thought I had known and thought
that I still lived there  and now i see the need
to gather my skirts and forget about marriage
forget about making something of myself here
there is only one place where i live here in this
heaven of rocks and trees and spirit unknown
i take up my notebook, spell some words on the
page recite my desire to be only your passion
alive on this earth feel death creep around the
edges of my life parents failing me aging faster
than before caring little for being nice or fulling
dutiful holidays looking instead for the holy
in my nights days past fast in the twinkling of
an eye i realize that nothing matters to me
except how i love you and nothing can be
done about that except in the daily learning
to care about everything born of you
everything so i forget about being old
and learn again to change to seek the
seeing eye the tender touch to sound
of you singing from my mouth so that
i taste what my hungry lips have been
searching for.

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