The Peach and the Pair…Ten Years and Counting

for Micah
loving long term is such another
animal its not the erotic grip
that addicts us to pleasure
and got us here,
but the long slow lick that
sometimes gathers all the tastes
the bitters the sweets salty
savory how the memories
accumulate to form a soft
bed for times of extreme
exhaustion love muscles
strained beyond burn
learning what even old
people just don’t know yet
every inch of each other’s
body but more the mystery
of always new discoveries
her new breath, the way
her beauty opens like
never before or her
broken heart bleeds in
your open hands and rips
a hole in your selfish yearnings
you can’t run in this race
it’s a steady walk hardening
the weak places and softening
the hard barriers leaking joy
all the way so that really
more than walking this
is a dancing journey
two souls in such
raw recognition bound
only by knowing that
past these separate unyielding
identities, there is only One

One thought on “The Peach and the Pair…Ten Years and Counting

  1. And the congregation says, “Amen!” It’s not about being strong out of the gate, but staying strong past the final turn. “…such another animal” indeed.

    I’m seeing but one punctuation mark, and in the closing line, yet the poem needs them not. And that that singular use of the comma makes what follows that much moreso deftly distinguished.

    And, the otherwise absence of punctuation allow the reader to place her own, thus gifting us multiple poems. This, is what multi-tasking should be.


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