Of Love and Death and Loss

my sweetest friend has lost 3
men like dominoes not caring
they follow each other in quick
succession away from her
first to go a homeless brother who’s
been lost a lifetime this time
lost his hold
though deeply loved
a gay cousin she adores she’s so
surprised he could be gone
an ex who haunts her dreams
for her two children gone to
the finality of death and yet
though she is stung from heart
to head and lungs
i hear you here there is no end
you say you’re
calling out to Lazarus or
rising from the dead yourself
perhaps like Rumi glad to go
or maybe just laughing from
a spot we fail to see you in
our loved ones sewn into
our eternal being blankets
all the while dancing
to the rhythm of another beat.

4 thoughts on “Of Love and Death and Loss

  1. “I hear you [hear(?)] there is no end…” (pesky latinate native tongues) :~)

    there is a calmness and peace-ing rhythm to this poem. a balm—but not in gilead, this time.


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