I Give You My Father

For my Dad who turned 89 today
Psalm 92: 14 They shall
bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing.

The Hollywood lie of that
i’m old and done,debunked today
for sure I am fat and
flourishing, collective thought has

caused so much deterioration
in this world made of energy
two eyes made of light looking at
a road toward death when in the
reality familiar to my innards
siblings are stars singing and
death is another illusion of
a grand accumulation of limited intelligence
twisted by war and killing i’m moving
through to You my Dad alive and well
my gratitude unbounded that he survived
World War II and a big bad wound
they said would make him old
by thirty  how naive our splendid
men of medicine and war so blinded
by the unhealed wounds of killing
i give you my father old and fruitful

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