Post Birthday Prayer


i want to be good
to lend my last years
to loving balls out
still i can’t help
but sound the alarm
for a madness in the
world political debauchery
made by conservatives
and liberals alike, quite
alike the deceitful power
droning the life out of us

can you hear me over
your desire to be safe
i want to lay down any
weapon i have carried of
being right-eous being
anything really, let me discover
you in all your infinite capacities
to heal and to be holy
i stopped voting, i know
i’m not asking it of you
just can’t make myself,
like when i stopped eating meat

i want to touch and kiss
to give you what you ask
of me not holding out to
keep myself in butter
melt my heart with the joy
that sweeps the world when
i hear your divine voice
calling to me on the wind
in Sam’s words, in the guy
who asks for change gratefuling
my $3.50 because he sees
how full of light the dollars
fill his wings and wash his hands

oh land of the brave and the free
let it be so let us unlock our doors
stop our gun factories reach
out from the stars to drop love
in the Universe made of that
symphony open our eyes wide
our arms our legs our MINDS
turned from the lies we have believed
to the only place we need or want to BE



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