Goddess of the Boardwalk

Bronze-skinned  goddess less than five feet tall
Black winter jacket came combing  trash cans of
Pacific Beach for the treasures of old bottles
She so beautiful I could only
Follow her down the boardwalk

English: Pacific Beach in San Diego, California

English: Pacific Beach in San Diego, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Checked my wallet and found a five
Approached carefully so as not to startle
Said, “here, have some dinner on me.”
Not sure if she would understand English
I added, “ God Bless You,” turning my pittance
Into a gift of light. “you too,” she replied
“One dollar?” she asked. “Five,” I said.
“Oh ,burrito, maybe taco,” she said.
A citizen of San Diego, California unable to
Decipher numbers she shone with divinity  the ocean her backdrop
“Thank-you, thank-you. “ I was silent standing so close
To this power woman of divine strength and beauty
In my heart I thanked her for the gorgeousness
Of her presence come here to carry me back
Farther than my indigenous roots to the source of creation
To the astounding truth that we are all made of God.