I AM FREE, July 4, 2013

I am Egyptian president and military
the crowd celebrating in her street

I am Syrian refugee, American Indian
Murderer, victim and none of the above

I find myself a slave to this mortal thought
only as i forget to be me,  divine goddess of love

inside this collective invention of good and evil
i have descended to the depths of hell, turned my beloved planet

into a funeral pyre returning here to the center of being in
my own bones i free myself from this error of many to

the infinite joy of being only One all battles won in this
understanding you and me we be but one great Loveness.

I do not bow and pray thisness I stand here my arms, heart, daily
bread being but empty wholeness judgement fallen as i rise from the death

of sleep awaken to life abandon all thought of mindless self righteousness
and embrace this whole Universe in the body of our being my flag

is not just multi-national it is Universal beyond a ride through the
black hole and I emerge on the no side  of Only One.

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