Christmas 2013

new life wears thin
flapping in the winter wind
Christmas imposes a guilty laden
depression fueled by Wall Street’s
pic pocketing mad fingers grasping
before we recoil into our end of the year debt
burden of a happy face heavy
load we give our children
chaining their innocence to values we despise
self-centered greed creates a hungry
world a fake replica a tribute to empty nothingness

Mystic Mountain Spiral Galaxy from Hubble

this recipe is concocted with counterfeit spices
like Gimme and Mine yet the smell of it hints
at the deep reality it seeks to cover up
like Santa arriving through the night sky
a vision of love so whole it cradle rocks
this Universe swinging to the tune of the
Symphony played by planets and stars
take up your bow, gather the drum beats
of the heart of God let our swirling skits
remember who we are in the dance
pieces of Heaven and Earth bound by the One source of light.

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